How It Works

Simply contact us with an expression of interest and we’ll talk you through the process. Its as simple as this:


Step 1
Send us your logo or design in a high resolution format.


Step 2
We will orientate your logo/design onto a fan (cup template) and send you the proof for approval free of charge.

Step 3
You select what size cups and quantities you need weekly as a standing order. Don't worry, you can edit these week by week as much as you need as long as you stick to the minimum of 1 box of cups and 1 box of lids per site per week.


Step 4
Your first delivery will be made within two to three weeks and every consecutive week thereafter for as long as you are with us.


Step 5
Payment - you will receive your invoice with your first delivery and only for the cups you ordered that week. Each invoice is payable within seven days.


Step 6
Every week from then on you will receive your standing order on a set day, if you wish to change the size of the standing order then just send us an email with it in writing 48 hours before your delivery date, but remember you need to stick to your minimum order of 1 box of cups and 1 box of lids per week.