Our Story...

The Very Beginning

We are a young couple turning a passion for coffee into a career. We had a choice of doing something run of the mill and buy a modular coffee cart, Piaggio Ape or converted VW van, but that wasn't for us. Instead we found a 1980s Lincoln Town Car Limo, cut it in half, restored all the interior and exterior to its original standards and sourced all original features such as bespoke whitewall tyres, hubcaps and signs and finally installed a La Marzzoco Line AV, Mazzer grinder and all the features a true Barista would need to produce the very best speciality coffee.  

We wanted people to be involved with the project as well as to enjoy our coffee, so we have made it possible to sit and relax in the luxury that the Classic Lincoln offered when it was on the road in the 1980s.


The future looks bright with our first PiTCH.cafebar in progress that will stick to our level of standards, consistency, quality, innovativeness and dam right RADICALNESS!!! There are many other ideas in the works, however we just can't divulge any information at the moment, but take our word for it, it's going to be cool. Stay tuned for all updates and be the first to experience the world of PiTCH.

The Final Piece

Probably the most unconventional mobile coffee cart out there but by far the coolest. The back of a 1980s Lincoln Town Car fully restored and fitted with a La Marzocco Linea coffee machine and all the tools a Barista could dream of in the boot, to bring you the best speciality coffee where ever we may be.

Our Extended Plan


As a family run café business we fully understand the high and lows, demands and pitfalls of running your own independent business and having to submit to the demands of a big, high volume supplier for our branded cups and lids.


Big suppliers, by their very nature, require long lead times, large volumes, minimum order quantities and deposits. And when they deliver you’re faced with trying store all your cups in every space available. We’ve even got cups in our spare room at home!


It’s time that the small independents had a supplier best suited to your needs and not the supplier’s requirements. A family run independent supplier who understands and addresses your needs with a bespoke service scaled to your business and not the other way round.